Jo fell in love with glass and its magical properties on a visit when she was 13 to Venice.  There she had the experience of seeing the Murano glass blowers. 

In 2012 she decided to go back to uni to obtain a degree in glass.  In 2015 Jo graduated with a 2:1 Ba Hons Glass. 

While studying for her degree she discovered an old ancient technique which dates back to Mesopotamia which is often called “The Ghost Technique “ or “The Forgotten Technique” today this is called Pate de Verre which literally means paste of glass.  Small granules of glass are mixed with a binder and then pressed into a refractory mould which is a one time use only.  This mould is fired in a casting kiln and the final effect is a translucent effect on the glass.   Jo specialised at PCA, glass casting and Pate de Verre (PDV)

Since graduating in 2015 Jo has been travelling around the country from Cornwall to Scotland selling at shows. 

Jo gets most of her inspiration from the surrounding country side and coast.  Glass allows her to transform what the viewer takes in sublimed and allows them to re connect with nature using the magical properties of glass. 

In 2019 she moved into a larger studio so she can teach workshops from fused glass to cast glass.

Due to the COVID year Jo has been experimenting with cast glass and has been busy developing a new range of fused glass which will be available on her website and at shows next year. 

Jo BarkerWorkshop